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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 6, 2010

California Supreme Court Reviewing State Tuition Benefits for Undocumented Immigrant Students

The California Supreme Court is hearing a case starting this week that would end tuition benefits for illegal immigrants attending the state’s public colleges.

The issue originates from a state wide benefit created in 2001 that allows for discounted tuition, up to $19,000, for college students regardless of immigration status just as long as they had graduated from a California high school. 

A group of conservative organizations challenged the benefit on the grounds that out-of-state students who were legally in this country were paying a higher tuition than illegal immigrant students. 

The lower courts agreed that federal immigration law barred states from providing illegal immigrants any benefits with public tax dollars.  The Supreme Court may reverse the decision and thereby allow the tuition discount benefits to continue for undocumented college immigrants students enrolled in public universities, estimated to be 25,000.