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Latino Daily News

Monday November 5, 2012

California Lottery Winner Forgets About Ticket, Nearly Misses Major Payout

California Lottery Winner Forgets About Ticket, Nearly Misses Major Payout

Photo: Calfornia lottery winner forgets about ticket, nearly misses out on $25 million payout

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What was almost a gut-wrenching story, thankfully saw a happy ending when a California woman who had won the lottery forgot about the ticket.

A 69-year-old Victorville, Calif. resident, Julie Cervera, nearly missed out on $23 million after she forgot about lottery ticket purchased earlier this year.

On May 30, Cervera asked her daughter, Charliena Marquez, to purchase her usual lottery ticket. Marquez bought the California Super Lotto Plus ticket at a Palmdale liquor store and Cervera put the ticket in her glove box.

Having completely forgotten about the ticket, Marquez and Cervera were shocked when they began receiving calls that Marquez was on television.

After months of trying to track down the winner, security footage from the liquor store was run on the news. When Marquez realized she was the woman in the video she told her mother, who suddenly remembered exactly where she had put the ticket.

The mother and daughter quickly contacted the proper officials and after learned the ticket would have expired at the end of this month.

Cervera told reporters she had been on disability for 20 years and had “maybe a dollar” in her pocket.

Though the initial jackpot was $23 million, Cervera chose to take her winnings in one lump sum. Before taxes, she is taking $18 million.

Cervera has two adopted sons with special needs and says she plans to share he good fortune with her children and grandchildren.