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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 25, 2014

California Farmworkers to Attend Special Preview of Cesar Chavez Biopic

More than 1,000 farmworkers who benefit from the legacy of Cesar Chavez will attend Tuesday in California’s Central Valley a special preview of the film about the late civil rights activist and labor leader’s life.

The movie “Cesar Chavez” will screen at what is now the National Historic Landmark of Forty Acres, outside Delano, where the United Farm Workers co-founder fasted for almost a month as part of his peaceful fight for field hands’ rights.

“We’re celebrating the legacy of Cesar Chavez but we’re also acknowledging that we’re still active and working for a better life for farmworkers,” UFW Vice President Armando Elenes told Efe.

“In this case, field hands will be among the first to see the movie,” he said.

Director Diego Luna and America Ferrera, who plays Cesar’s wife Helen Chavez, will be on hand Tuesday for the outdoor preview.

Also expected is Paul Chavez, son of the farmworkers’ leader and president of the Cesar Chavez Foundation, along with UFW President Arturo Rodriguez.

For the UFW, Tuesday’s preview is a reminder there is still much to do to secure farm workers’ rights.

“We keep working - the United Farm Workers and the rest of the movement - to improve farm hands’ working conditions. We keep up the struggle because there are many challenges and still a lot of abuse we have to deal with,” Elenes said.


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