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Saturday July 16, 2011

California Dream Act Update

California Dream Act Update

Photo: California DREAM Act

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Assembly Bill (AB) 130, one half of the California Dream Act, passed the State Senate floor Thursday and is now headed to the Governor’s desk for his hopeful signature. AB 130 allows AB 540 students full access to California’s higher education system. It enables these hard-working students who have met the UC, CSU or community college academic requirements to receive scholarships from private sources.

Although the passage of AB 130 from the legislature to the Governor is a monumental step towards providing educational opportunities to AB 540 students, the task is not complete until both portions of the California Dream Act, AB 130 & 131, are signed into law. We have to continue to work together, as a community of Angelenos and Californians, to get these bills passed, because AB 540 students represent both our present and our future.

We can never achieve our highest aspirations as a state if we cannot guarantee access to higher education for the children of our state who, through no fault of their own, happen to be in the country without documentation. AB 540 students will one day be the doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs that return to the California communities they came from hoping to make a difference. As such, I am proud to author AB 130 & AB 131.

Below are links to audio of Assemblymember Cedillo speaking about the passage of the Dream Act out of the Senate.

Assemblymember Gil Cedillo says the passage of AB 130 is a good step forward. (:10)
Assemblymember Cedillo says both AB 130 and AB 131 are needed to fulfill the dream of equal educational opportunity. (:16)
Assemblymember Cedillo says, after many years of sponsoring similar efforts, he’s anxious but hopeful the Dream Act will finally be signed into law. (:12)

For more information on AB 130 click here
For more information on AB 131 click here

Assemblymember, 45th Assembly District