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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 9, 2011

Latino California Activist Wants Spanish-Language Billboard be Taken Down

Latino California Activist Wants Spanish-Language Billboard be Taken Down

Photo: Adriana's Insurance billboard

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Just south of Bear Valley Road in Victorville, California near Interstate 15, sits a Spanish—language that (translated) says, “More for your money,” and local activist is outraged by its presence.

The billboard is for Rancho Cucamonga-based Adriana’s Insurance, and it has caught the angry eye of Raymond Herrera, founder We The People, California’s Crusader a group strongly against undocumented immigration.

“It’s a blight and affront on our language,” said Herrera about the billboard. “Adriana’s Insurance should cease its divisive campaign of erecting Spanish language billboards on American soil.”

Herrera is protesting the sign and is demanding the city pass an ordinance mandating that all signs and billboards be only in English.

Mayor Pro Tem Rudy Cabriales sees no problem with the billboard stating, “Who are we to tell them how to run their business? I don’t think the city has any business getting involved in that. We have enough to deal with. If a business wants to do that, it’s their money. And they make their decisions based on the market.”

In 2009, Herrera led a protest to have local Wells Fargo Spanish-language signs removed. Two weeks later, four of the bank’s ads were removed and replaced with all English-language signs. He is also a supporter for Arizona’s controversial SB 1070, and the government’s information-sharing program E-Verify.