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Latino Daily News

Thursday June 5, 2014

Calibre 50’s New Album “Contigo” Turns Romantic

Calibre 50’s New Album “Contigo” Turns Romantic

Photo: Calibre 50

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Mexico’s Calibre 50 is back on the music scene with the release of “Contigo,” an album with a decidedly romantic feel.

The new album features a fusion of sounds and deals with themes of the heart, an area the band has not previously ventured into, Universal Music Group said in a statement.

The first single off the album, “Tus Latidos,” deals with love in the age of social networks like Facebook.

“Contigo,” produced by Jesus Tirado Castañeda and recorded in Los Mochis, Sinaloa state, Mexico, has 12 tracks “with varied rhythms that include ballads, rancheras, corridos, cumbia and even a duet with Alfredo ‘El Komander’ Rios,” the music company said.

The band wants “‘Contigo’ to be more successful than all of its previous albums and to be a top seller, extending its fame to other corners of the world,” Universal Music Group said.

The songs on the album were composed by Eden Muñoz, Luciano Luna, Horacio Palencia, Claudia Brant and Pepe Garza.

The members of Calibre 50, which was formed in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, are vocalist and accordion player Eden Muñoz; tuba player Alejandro Gaxiola; drummer Erick Garcia; and back-up vocalist and guitarist Armando Ramos.

Calibre 50 became famous for its corridos, but the group also performs cumbia, ranchera and charanga music, as well as polkas and chicoteadas.


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