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Latino Daily News

Monday August 16, 2010

Caca, Tequila and Juggalos and its Just Monday

World news agencies, well not the serious ones anyway, reported a Hispanic performer was attacked by flying feces.  Dios Mio! Alarmed HS-News staff investigated and after a thorough 5 minute investigation can report its only Tila Tequila, a non-Hispanic.

The 28 year-old no-talent except for seeking out attention, was performing in Illinois at the 11th annual gathering of the Juggalos, not to be confused with gigolos.  The Juggalos are fans of musical group Insane Clown Posse and other hip hop groups. 

Juggalos have been meeting annually, for the last 10 years, in hot spots like Cave-in-Rock, Illinois or Ohio’s Ledges Quarry Park, population too small to count or matter, as a sort of “Juggalo Woodstock.”

Tila, who claims not to be on Tequila, claimed she was pelted with rocks, bottles and flying feces suffering a gash under her botoxed eye.  HS-News is not sure what enraged the audience her lack of talent, or that she was handing out her self help book “Hooking up with Tila.”