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Latino Daily News

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Cable Network Mun2’s New Programs Created For Bilingual Hispanic Adults

Cable Network Mun2’s New Programs Created For Bilingual Hispanic Adults

Photo: Cable Network Mun2's New Programs Created For Bilingual Hispanic Adults

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Cable network mun2 on Tuesday announced the launching of new leisure programming for 2012 oriented toward satisfying the growing audience of young, bilingual Hispanic adults.

“Having my own television series that will be called ‘El Proyecto de La Chiquis’ is something I didn’t expect,” Janney Marin Rivera, known by the stage name of La Chiquis and daughter of singer Jenni Rivera, told Efe.

“Via this reality show I hope to be able to teach many positive things to Latino women through my own experience in starting a business,” she said during the presentation of the program in Los Angeles.

The first appearances of La Chiquis on mun2 were on her mother’s reality show called “I Love Jenni” as production manager for her mother, her former job.

The channel was launched in 2001 and is the affiliate of Telemundo, both of which belong to NBC-Universal. According to Nielsen estimates cited by mun2, it is the No. 1 channel among Hispanics between the ages of 18 and 49.

“The new programs, because of (their) production quality ..., make us very proud,” Flavio Morales, mun2’s vice president of production and programming, told Efe.

“Besides La Chiquis’s project, which will come out in the summer, we’re going to launch the program ‘Dub Latino’ which is about the daily work at a car magazine (and) in which we’ll interview celebrities like Daddy Yankee, Alex Rodriguez and other Latinos,” he said.