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Latino Daily News

Tuesday November 1, 2011

Anonymous vs Zetas Epic Battle Becomes Twitter Official - #OpCartel

Anonymous vs Zetas Epic Battle Becomes Twitter Official - #OpCartel

Photo: Anonymous VS Zetas Cartel

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Only four days remain until the November 5, D-day in this strange war between the Zeta narcos and internet ghosts Anonymous.  This epic battle that is predicted to become violent now has become Twitter official with the hashtag #OpCartel.

The Internet hacktivist group released a video last month demanding the liberation of a member of their group, kidnapped by the Zetas.

‘Anonymous’ said they will release information of Mexican cops, businesses and journalists that are connected with the Zetas cartel, if the thugs don’t release a kidnapped hacker.  A security intelligence report by ‘Stratfor’ published said the threat was credible, and posed a serious danger to both ‘Anonymous’ members and whoever is in the materials the group intends to release.

In addition, a possible Anonymous affiliate ‘Anonymous IberoAmerica’ reaffirmed the organizations aim to take the Zeta’s down, by encouraging everyday Mexican’s to take down the Zetas calling for a ‘global revolution’.

Watch the live twitter feed for updates in the operation #OpCartel.