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Latino Daily News

Monday November 22, 2010

Bye Bye Gucci Hello Kohl’s?  J. Lo and Marc Anthony Launching “Lifestyle” Line (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez is looking to extract more money from being J. Lo and her reported multi-million dollar salary as a new judge on American Idol clearly wasn’t enough – because she has just announce another capitalist (i.e. money-grabbing) venture; this one with her husband Marc Anthony.

The Latino couple will be launching a his-and-hers contemporary “lifestyle and home décor brand” for Kohl’s Department Stores that will debut in fall of 2011.  Marc is calling it the “biggest celebrity launch ever” and J. Lo assures us that she will be wearing the clothes.

Where?  While cleaning her own toilets?

While the couple’s twins are debuting kids clothes at high-end retailer Gucci, mom and dad are going low-end with track suits and food trays at Kohl’s.  It is unknown when and if the super couple has ever shopped at Kohl’s.

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