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Latino Daily News

Saturday April 13, 2013

Bus in Peru Plunges Down 650-Foot Ravine Killing 25

Bus in Peru Plunges Down 650-Foot Ravine Killing 25

Photo: Bus Accident Moche River

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At least 25 people died and another six were injured early Saturday after their bus plunged into a 200-meter (650-foot) ravine in a rural area of northern Peru, officials said.

The accident occurred around 4:10 a.m. in the La Libertad region, the official news agency Andina said, citing a police report.

The bus was en route from the Andean city of Huamachuco to the coastal city of Trujillo when it went off the road and fell down the gorge to the Moche River.

The injured were taken to different hospitals of the region, while authorities are investigating the causes of the accident.

RPP radio said that most of the passengers were teachers who were traveling from the cities of Huamachuco and Cajabamba to Trujillo, capital of La Libertad.

The broadcast added that while the survivors were being rescued, a police officer was injured by a stone that fell down the cliff and hit him, with the result that he too had to go to hospital for treatment.