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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 1, 2014

Buenos Aires Fireworks Leave Over 60 People Injured

Buenos Aires Fireworks Leave Over 60 People Injured

Photo: Fireworks in Buenos Aires

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At least 67 people were injured, the majority with burns, in the traditional setting off of fireworks to celebrate the arrival of the new year in the Argentine capital, health care authorities reported.

At the Buenos Aires Burn Hospital, 24 people - including 16 children - were treated for assorted injuries, including one boy who had lost the tip of a finger when a firecracker exploded in his hand.

Hospital director Miriam Miño recommended that members of the public not use fireworks and, if they decided to take the risk, to ensure that the firecrackers were properly certified and handled, adding that children need to be monitored while setting them off since some of the injuries had been caused when the firecrackers “exploded in their pockets.”

Miño also recommended that people go to special first aid sites immediately after an accident occurs since, if they wait to get medical attention, the injury can get worse.

Forty-three other people were treated at the Santa Lucia and Pedro Lagleyze ophthalmological hospitals for eye injuries caused by the improper or reckless use of fireworks and popping champagne corks.

Among those who sought medical attention, “five cases are serious, two of which are surgical cases with a guarded prognosis, one of them being 15 years old and the other 18, with a (punctured) eyeball,” said Lagleyze Hospital official Marcelo Oliveri.


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