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Wednesday June 13, 2012

Brooklyn Photographer Antonio Rosario Spots and Saves a Kitten Stuck in a Car

Brooklyn Photographer Antonio Rosario Spots and Saves a Kitten Stuck in a Car

Photo: Photographer Antonio Rosario Spots a Kitten in Nearby Mercedes

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So, here’s the story about Mercedes the kitten.

Brooklyn photographer Antonio Rosario has a new little friend after a chance encounter on his way to the beach .

On his blog, Rosario tells the story of how he came into possession of an adorable calico kitten he appropriately named Mercedes.

We’re driving along Ocean Parkway, headed to Brighton Beach for a morning at the beach. Sometime while we’re driving (I’m in the passenger seat) I hear what sounds like a cat crying. I don’t pay it that much mind as I figure we’re passing by some alley cats or something. Then, a little later when we hit a stoplight, I hear the sound again. This time I think that we have a cat in our car.

Rosario then looked out his window behind him and sees a Mercedes s550 with a broken left turn signal. Inside the broken light housing, Rosario spotted something unexpected, a kitten.

He quickly waved the Mercedes’ driver down and shouted, “You have a cat inside your car!” The unsure woman asked, “What should I do? Is it dead?”

Assuring the woman the cat was very much alive, Rosario told her to pull over. They both pull over and after several minutes of trying to figure out how to open Mercedes’ hood, Rosario notices the kitten’s paw laying limp near the signal light. Worried the kitten had died because the engine was too hot, he poked the kitten, who them began crying again.

The woman tried to drive away saying she would just go to a mechanic or police station, but Rosario, worried for the kitten’s safety, asked her not to.

Finally, the hood was opened, but the kitten had moved and each time Rosario tried to reach in to grab her, he’d burn his hand or arm on the radiator cap.

Ultimately, Rosario got under the car, and using some meat the Mercedes’ driver had, coaxed the kitten out enough that he was able to grab her.

Rosario decided to keep her and immediately took her to the vet.

She seems pretty healthy. Some conjunctivitis in her eyes. Maybe some worms. Possibly a few fleas if any. No feline leukemia (they have a 5-minute test they do now). She was starving and the vet gave her a can of food which she vacuumed down. No RFID tag under her skin. So things look good for her, at the moment.

The little kitten has been named Mercedes (Merci for short).

Read Rosario’s detailing of the event on his blog, where he also shared a few photos of his new little friend.