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Latino Daily News

Friday April 22, 2011

Brookings Institution: The Future of Immigrant Children

Brookings Institution: The Future of Immigrant Children

Photo: Brookings Institution

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The renown Brookings Institution has written a policy brief, a companion to the volume of The Future of Children devoted to immigrant children, the authors address poor school performance and low family income among immigrant families and children. 

Nearly a quarter of schoolchildren in the United States are immigrants or the children of immigrants. A substantial percentage of these children, especially those from Latin America, are falling behind in school. More than 5 million, for example, struggle with their academic subjects because they are still learning English.

Evidence shows that three policy reforms—increased attendance in quality preschool, improved instruction in English, and increased attendance in postsecondary education—would improve their school achievement, lift their economic well-being as adults, and increase their economic and social contributions to American society.