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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 21, 2010

BREAKING NEWS:  U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter Crashes in Puerto Rico En Route to Drug Raid Operation

UPDATE:  Justice Secretary of Puerto Rico, Guillermo Somoza has informed reporters that all six people aboard the U.S. Coast Guard helicopter are feared dead. “It is an extremely sad, difficult and painful day,” Somoza said. It is also being confirmed that the officials, that included three local justice officials and four National Guard, were serving a total of 43 arrest warrants for island wide drug dealing. The U.S. National Guard has been assisting local authorities combat the island’s rising crime rate and illegal drug distribution. 

The helicopter was flying 400 feet above the coast line of Rio Grande en route to Vieques, when it is believed to have crashed into the ocean.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Puerto Rican government is announcing that a U.S. National Guard helicopter crashed late last night as it was en route to the island of Vieques on a drug raid mission. There were six people abroad the helicopter including two local law officials from Puerto Rico. The helicopter had already changed courses due to bad weather in the area.