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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 26, 2010

UPDATE:  Mystery Deepens Around Nicaraguan Consul Found with Throat Slashed in New York

UPDATE:  New York City police continue to investigate the stabbing death of Nicaraguan Consul Cesar Mercado last Thursday.  Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega is urging the U.S. Government for a swift investigation so the body can be returned to Nicaragua.  Nonetheless, the police still have not declared whether Mercado died by his own hand or was murdered.  Mercado was said to be depressed over a recent HIV positive diagnosis and “hesitation marks” were found on his throat suggesting self-inflicting wounds.  His Bronx apartment did not appear to have been broken into or ransacked..

However, police also discovered human hair in both of his clenched hands indicating a struggle and 12 stab wounds to the abdomen indicating a murder scenario. 

ORIGINAL STORY:  Cesar Mercado, 34, a Nicaraguan diplomat was found dead in his New York apartment with his throat slashed.  Mercado was expected to meet with the Nicaraguan delegation in town for the United Nations General Assembly, including President Daniel Ortega.

Mercado worked for the Nicaraguan Consul that represents Nicaraguan interests in the U.S.  Mercado’s driver went to pick him up at his Bronx apartment when he noticed the door ajar and the body located just inside the doorway.  Police have not classified the death as a homicide or suicide.