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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 19, 2010

UPDATE Narco Blog: Mexican Authorities Confirm 151 Inmates Escaped - NOT One Captured Yet

UPDATE:  Mexican authorities have confirmed that at least 151 jail inmates from the border city of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico escaped from jail as had been reported earlier.  Though news reports put the number of inmates between 150 to 191, first head counts were at 148 inmates.  The Secretary of Public Safety for the state of Tamaulipas made the announcment yesterday and also indicated that the prison warden Efrain Hernandez Llamas who did not report to work on Friday, when the incident happened is missing.

The Secretary also confirmed that not one of the escaped inmates has been captured thus far.  This latest jail break brings the total of inmates escaped in this state up to 352.  The city of Nuevo Laredo sits on the Rio Grande river across the border from Laredo, Texas. 

ORIGINAL STORY:  At least 191 inmates escaped from the Nuevo Laredo prison in the state of Tamaulipas, Friday morning the Narco Blog is reporting.

“There were 159 inmates who apparently left through the main entrance,” an employee with the city’s penitentiary system told the American Free Press (AFP) anonymously.

While official sources of the Mexican Secretary of Public Safety confirmed that there has been a break out, but failed to give out details of the current situation inside the prison, the condition of its director and employees, or the exact number of escaped inmates, though they said that by 11:30 am, they estimated the number to be around 191.

The city of Nuevo Laredo—which lies next to the Rio Grande river next to the city of Laredo, Texas—is under the intense patrol of federal, state and municipal forces, who are looking for prisoners and trying to restore order.