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Latino Daily News

Friday November 11, 2011

BREAKING NEWS Mexico’s Secretary of Interior Dies in Helicopter Crash

BREAKING NEWS Mexico’s Secretary of Interior Dies in Helicopter Crash

Photo: Jose Francisco Blake Mora

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Mexican Government officials have confirmed Secretary of Interior Jose Francisco Blake Mora died today, after his helicopter crashed attempting an emergency landing.

The Secretary of Interior is the nation’s top official after the president, overseeing internal political affairs, and security.

Mexico Government spokeswoman Alejandra Sota said Blake was on his way to Cuernavaca for a prosecutors meeting, when his helicopter lost contact with land.  Army personnel found the aircraft burnt down in the Xochimilco area, at around 11am.

The exact cause of the accident, as well as the names of those accompanying Blake in the helicopter have not yet been disclosed.

Unofficial reports indicate Sub-Secretary of Interior Felipe Zamora, social action coordinator José Alfredo García and at least other 3 people were also onboard.

In a somewhat eerie turn of events, Blake’s last tweet, posted on November 4 read “Today we remember Juan Camilo Mouriño, after 3 years of his departure, a human being who worked in the construction of a better México.” Mouriño was the former Secretary of Interior, also killed in a helicopter crash in 2008.