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Latino Daily News

Friday January 7, 2011

BREAKING NEWS:  Mexican Officials Have Surveillance Tape Recording Deadly Shooting of Teen by Border

The spokesman for the Sonora Attorney General’s Office, Jose Larrinarga Talamantes, has confirmed the existence of a police surveillance tape that recorded the deadly shooting of a Mexican teen by U.S. Border Patrol.

There have been different versions of what happens to 17-year-old Ramses Barron Torres on Wednesday.  Mexican officials claim he was shot trying to scale the border fence between Sonora, Mexico and Nogales, Arizona.  Others claim he fell and hit his head when Border Patrol hit him with rocks, though there are eye witnesses who back up the shooting version of events.

The most damaging claims are from Torres’ friends that claim he was at least five to six meters away from the fence on Mexican soil when he was shot.  The video recording, which is being reviewed by Mexican authorities, should help clarify exactly what happened.