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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 8, 2010

BREAKING NEWS:  Luxury Cruise Ship Survives its “Own Perfect Storm” near Argentina (VIDEO)

One of the most elegant expedition vessels operating in Antarctica, the Clelia II, was disabled when a 30 foot wave hit it.  The ship was returning to Argentina amidst heavy seas when the wave surged and took out windows and power.

The luxury cruise ship was traveling with 88 passengers, all Americans, for an Antarctic cruise.  The Chilean Navy is on their way to help the disabled ship; there are no reports of injuries.

This ship was also damaged and put out of commission several months ago along the same route. 

The Clelia II, was withdrawn from service during January of this year for repairs following an accident that occurred over Christmas week.  The five-deck ship had arrived at Antarctica’s famed Petermann Island on Dec. 26 for a passenger landing when a stronger-than-anticipated current pushed it toward the rocky shoreline.