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Latino Daily News

Monday December 20, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Kidnappers Free Politician Diego Fernández de Cevallos in Mexico, After 7 Months

Former Mexican presidential candidate Diego Fernández de Cevallos was freed this Monday after 7 months of captivity. He is healthy though a little weak after surviving the longest kidnapping in the history of México.

The politician said upon returning to his home that “As far as the kidnappers are concerned, as a man of faith I have forgiven (them),” he said, looking fit as he stood in a gray sweatshirt and pants outside his luxurious Mexico City home. “As a citizen, I think that the authorities have a task to do, but without abuses.” He declined further comments, and refused to answer reporter’s questions, limiting his statements to “I feel okay, thank God, I’m strong and my life will continue the same. I have so many reasons to thank so many close people and strangers, that I feel I should write a novel for you”

In his brief comments to reporters, however, the politician did not identify his captors or their motives. Nor did he comment on whether any ransom had been paid.

Fernández de Cevallos had been missing since May, when his vehicle was found near his ranch in the central state of Queretaro

The politician’s car was found near his ranch on May 15, and blood was found at the scene.

Five days later, photos of a blindfolded, grim-faced, bare-chested man resembling Fernández de Cevallos appeared on Twitter. Two days after that, his family released a statement to the news media asking authorities to “stay out of this process in order to help the negotiation.”

HS-News wishes to welcome Fernández back to freedom.