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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 22, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Former Argentine Dictator Videla (85 yrs) Sentenced to Life for Torture and Murder

Former Argentine dictator, Jorge Videla, has been sentenced to life for his crimes against humanity during his dictatorship from 1976 through 1983. 

This verdict has been long overdue for the many family members that suffered death of loved ones or that remain missing.  The 85-year-old former dictator was on trial with two dozen other defendants, most of them military officials, for torture, murder and covering up the death of 31 political prisoners.  A total of 13,000 people were eliminated in a crackdown of leftist guerrillas and their supporters while Videla was in power. 

Videla’s case is one of many against him and other dictatorship-authorities.  He had been granted amnesty after being found guilty of the same crimes in 1985.  The Argentinean Supreme Court found the granting of amnesty unconstitutional, so the cases proceeded to trial.  During his trial the unrepentant dictator declared Argentina was being run by “terrorists”.