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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 8, 2010

BREAKING NEWS:  Fire in Chilean Prison Kills at Least 81 (UPDATE) (VIDEO)

A fire broke at the San Miguel prison in the Chilean capital city of Santiago that reportedly has left 83 inmates dead. Reports indicate the fire broke out early this morning in a wing of the prison that houses 2900 inmates.

Chilean authorities have said that in the southern wing of the prison only 5 prisoners out of 72 made it out alive. In the north wing, 60 out of 75 prisoners were rescued, the others died due to suffocation from the smoke.

Hospital sources informed that all prisoners admitted are at a risk for death, and suffered severe burns in their respiratory airways.

Human Rights organizations have asked the government to set up a Center of Attention to assist families of dead and injured victims. They are labeling the response to the fire as inhuman. There have been reports of desperate and confused family members throwing mud and rocks at penitentiary officials desperate for clear and concise information.

The Chilean Secretary of State informed that president Sebastián Piñera cancelled all items on his morning agenda to attend to the crisis, and has met with the ministers of State, Justice and Health to discuss the events, and ways to improve the jail system.