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Latino Daily News

Wednesday November 17, 2010

BREAKING NEWS:  Dramatic Rescue of Three-Year Old Argentinean Toddler from 69-Foot Well (VIDEO)

After heroic efforts by Argentinean fire fighters a three-year old was dramatically rescued from a 69 foot deep well unscathed.  ImageThe unidentified toddler fell in the open well on a rural road in the province of Florencio Varela outside of Buenos Aires.  She followed orders, given in Spanish, perfectly to put herself in a harness which was used to bring her up.  A local heroine is born. 


The youngster was heard yelling out from the well to passerby‚Äôs who alerted the attention of authorities.  After spending six hours in the narrow well she was rescued.  Buenos Aires Governor Daniel Scioli was on hand to welcome the youngster to safety.