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Latino Daily News

Sunday February 2, 2014

Brazil’s First Gay Kiss on Primetime Telenovela Proves Controversial

Brazil’s First Gay Kiss on Primetime Telenovela Proves Controversial

Photo: "Amor a Vida" (Globo network)

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The kiss on the mouth of two male characters, with which Brazil’s Globo network wrapped up the telenovela “Amor a Vida” (Trail of Lies), the first about a gay couple to air as a prime-time series in Brazil, attracted wide and unprecedented repercussions on social networks and in the press.

The onscreen kiss of “Felix” and “Niko,” the characters played by actors Meteus Solano and Thiago Fragoso in the telenovela with the biggest audience in recent months in Brazil, was one of the 10 subjects most tweeted about in the world on Twitter and made the front pages of all Brazilian morning papers.

Thousands of comments about the kiss, most of them positive or asking for a discussion of the subject, invaded Facebook for a debate in which artists, star athletes, journalists and political leaders did not remain silent.

The scene even made political waves and became a central issue for federal lawmaker Jean Wyllys, a leading defender of gay rights, who led a campaign on Facebook to ask Globo not to keep it off the air as occurred with previous soaps.

This was the first time the Globo network, creator of the soap operas with the biggest audiences in Brazil and which successfully exports its telenovelas to dozens of countries, agreed to air the kiss of a same-sex couple in one of its productions.

In 2005, also in the last episode of a prime-time telenovela, the director filmed a scene of two male characters kissing, but TV channel’s management censored it.


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