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Latino Daily News

Friday April 4, 2014

Brazilians Purchased 35.6 Million Smartphones in 2013

Brazilians Purchased 35.6 Million Smartphones in 2013

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Smartphone sales more than doubled in Brazil in 2013, surging to a record 35.6 million units and surpassing sales of conventional cell phones for the first time, consulting firm IDC Brazil said.

Sales of smartphones were up 123 percent last year, compared to 2012, when 16.1 million units were sold, IDC Brazil said in a report.

Brazilians purchased 67.8 million cell phones, including conventional units, last year.

Sales of conventional cell phones continued falling, with the number of units sold dropping from 43.4 million in 2012 to 32.2 million last year.

The figures show that “2013 was, in fact, the year of the smartphone in Brazil,” IDC Brazil analyst Leonardo Munin, who prepared the report, said in a statement.

Sales soared due to a tax cut, the rollout of more models and higher demand for the devices, among other factors, Munin said.

Brazil is now the world’s No. 4 wireless market, trailing only China, the United States and India, the consulting firm said.

A total of 272.72 million wireless accounts were active as of Feb. 28 in Brazil, which has a population of 200 million, the National Telecommunications Agency said.

Some 110.19 million devices are connected to the Internet, of which 1.82 million units are faster 4G devices, the agency said.

The government’s plan for 4G service calls for introducing the technology to the 12 cities hosting World Cup matches this summer, with service expanding to other cities in coming years.


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