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Latino Daily News

Wednesday July 11, 2012

Brazilian Soccer Team Asks Fans to Show Support in ‘Blood’

Brazilian Soccer Team Asks Fans to Show Support in ‘Blood’

Photo: RC Victoria Team Jerseys

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EC Vitória, the Brazilian soccer team famous for their red and black jerseys are making some changes and asking their fans for help.  In an effort to raise awareness as well as blood donations, the team has eliminated the color red from their jerseys and begun a campaign entitled, ‘Meu Sange é Rubro-Negro’ (My Blood is Red and Black.) 

They hope to slowly increase the red in their jerseys as their fans show their own support and donate blood.  When the team’s donation goal has been met, the color red will be fully restored on the jersey. 

The campaign’s promotional ads can be seen on Facebook and other social media outlets.  In the ads, fans are asked to take pictures of themselves donating blood while reminding them that their team, Vitória, has always bled for them, now it’s their turn to show their support and give back. 

Beginning such a positive campaign is a big move in the soccer world where sponsors pay top dollar for the opportunity to advertise their names on the players’ jerseys.  Real Estate Company, OAS Imóveis, will enjoy the spotlight on Vitória’s jersey during this campaign.