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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 17, 2012

Brazilian Soccer Star Neymar “Goes Green” with Nike Wear Made from Recycled Bottles, Beans (VIDEO)

Brazilian Soccer Star Neymar “Goes Green” with Nike Wear Made from Recycled Bottles, Beans (VIDEO)

Photo: Brazilian Soccer Star Neymar "Goes Green" with Nike Wear Made from Recycled Bottles, Beans

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According to Nike, Brazilian football star Neymar of Seleção will become “the world’s most environmentally-friendly football player this summer.”

Neymar will step onto the field wearing Nike’s GS football boot (soccer cleats) and a uniform made almost entirely from fabric made from plastic bottles.

The new Nike GS football boot is said to be the “lightest, fastest, most environmentally-friendly production boot the company has ever made.”

ImageThe shirt and shorts of the Brazil kit are both made from fabric that comes almost entirely from recycled plastic drinks bottles. The bottles are washed, chopped up into flakes and melted down into thread, which is then used to create the fabric. Each kit is made using a average of 13 recycled bottles. Since beginning this process for its club and national team partners in 2010, Nike has diverted over 115 million bottles from landfill sites.

The shoes were constructed using renewable and recycled materials, designed for explosive performance on the pitch and lower impact on the planet. Every component has been optimized to reduce weight and waste, creating Nike’s lightest football boot ever at 160 grams (for a size 9). The heel of the shoes are made of something called Pebax Renew, which is derived from castor bean oil. The shoes’ exterior in made of Kangalite, a faux kangaroo leather-type of material, which is a solvent-free material with a manufacturing process that results in a 35 percent lower carbon emissions than similar materials.

The Nike GS will be available for purchase on 15th August.

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