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Latino Daily News

Saturday July 10, 2010

Brazilian Soccer Star Implicated in Dismemberment Murder of a One Night Stand

Brazilian soccer star and team captain of the Flamengo team, Bruno Souza and others have been charged in the brutal death of Eliza Samudio.  Eliza Samudio was reported to be the mother of Souza‚Äôs four-month old child that resulted after a one-night stand last year. 

Souza did not want to claim paternity and had violently insisted that Samudio get rid of the baby.  When refusing he forced her to take abortion inducing drugs, an October police report shows.  When that did not stop Samudio from claiming Souza as the father he hired someone to dispose of her.

The police investigation allege he hired a former police detective and engaged his wife and other family members in the kidnapping, torture and dismemberment of Samudio.  It is suspected that Samudio was strangled then dismembered with body pieces fed to dogs.


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