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Latino Daily News

Wednesday July 3, 2013

Brazilian Soccer Federation President Denies Ties to Journalist’s Murder

Brazilian Soccer Federation President Denies Ties to Journalist’s Murder

Photo: Jose Maria Marin

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The president of the Brazilian Soccer Federation, or CBF, denied any connection to the 1975 assassination of a journalist who apparently drew the ire of the military regime that ruled the South American nation from 1964-1985.

“I don’t repent any action in my life. I never acted with malice toward anyone, I’m a true democrat,” CBF chief Jose Maria Marin said when asked about the murder of Vladimir Herzog, who was news director of TV Cultura at the time of his slaying.

Marin, who was then a Sao Paulo state legislator belonging to a party allied with the ruling military junta, said he did not advocate any action against Herzog.

The CBF boss said that in an exchange over the complaints of then-state Gov. Paulo Egydio Martins about TV Cultura’s unfavorable coverage, he suggested only that the broadcaster’s reporting should be reviewed.

“Either the governor had nothing to complain about or the journalist was wrong. I said that that needed to be examined,” Marin recounted.

“Perhaps you still believe that a lie told a thousand times becomes truth,” Marin said during a press conference to recap the Confederations Cup soccer tournament, which ended Sunday in triumph for host nation Brazil.