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Sunday April 6, 2014

Brazilian Singer Caetano Veloso Shines at Intimate Performance in Sao Paulo

Brazilian Singer Caetano Veloso Shines at Intimate Performance in Sao Paulo

Photo: Caetano Veloso (Marcos Hermes)

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Brazilian singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso continued his national “Abracaco” tour here, and with yet another musical reinvention won the hearts of the audience that packed a small theater.

“Ay, Sao Paulo,” sighed Veloso Friday as the night neared its end and the fans, bursting with enthusiasm, could no longer maintain the respectful silence with which they had listened to the singer from Bahia.

An hour and a half before, the winner of several Grammys had opened the show with “A Bossanova e Foda” from his latest disc “Abracaco” (Big Hug), for which the tour is named.

From the first song, Veloso ran through endless styles with a seemingly limitless voice range, when at a certain moment it came time for “When the Cock Crows,” which had the whole house singing along with the musician.

Following the tradition of his concerts, Veloso and the three musicians of the Ce band imitated the back cover of the disc, appearing as the Hindu god Vishnu, a single figure with all eight arms in a big hug.

Then came “Estou Triste,” O Imperio da Lei,” “Parabens” and “Quero Ser Justo,” all from his latest disc, along with “Um Comunista,” Veloso’s tribute to the guerrilla Carlos Marighella, slain in Sao Paulo by the Brazilian military dictatorship in 1969.

The songs were played and sung in all rhythms, from afro to hard rock by way of samba and bossanova, not to mention his own fearlessly uninhibited style.


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