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Latino Daily News

Saturday May 19, 2012

Brazilian Rights Group to Receive President Rousseff’s $10,000 Torture Compensation

Brazilian Rights Group to Receive President Rousseff’s $10,000 Torture Compensation

Photo: President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil

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President Dilma Rousseff will donate to a human rights organization the compensation she is to receive for having been tortured by the military regime that ruled Brazil from 1964-1985, her office said Friday.

The country’s first female head of state plans to give the 20,000 reais ($10,000) to the group Torture Never More.

The government of Rio de Janeiro state will pay that amount to each of 316 former political prisoners and loved ones of people who died in custody in that jurisdiction during the dictatorship.

Created in 1985, Torture Never More published the first report on deaths and disappearances under the junta and continues working to uncover the truth about the crimes of the military regime.

Rousseff, who belonged to a leftist resistance group, was arrested and tortured in 1970 and spent more than two years in custody.

The payment of compensation was ordered after a Rio state government panel reviewed the cases of 895 people who claimed to have been tortured or jailed in the state for political reasons.

News of the compensation comes two days after Rousseff inaugurated a seven-member truth commission charged with investigating human rights abuses between 1946 and 1988.

The commission will have two years to complete its work, which is expected to focus on the 1964-1985 period.

The leaders and agents of the junta are protected by amnesties and the truth commission has no authority to refer cases for prosecution.