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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 19, 2013

Brazilian Rains Have Now Claimed 17

Brazilian Rains Have Now Claimed 17

Photo: Brazilian Rains Have Now Claimed 17

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Brazilian authorities on Tuesday confirmed the death of a young man connected with the heavy rains that fell in the hilly portion of Rio de Janeiro state over the past few days, bringing the known death toll to 17.

The body of the young man, whose identity was not released, was found by rescue teams in the Quintandinha neighborhood of the city of Petropolis, which was one of the communities most seriously affected by the landslides and flooding caused by the rain.

In addition to the 17 known dead, about 40 people were injured in various ways in incidents connected with the rain and about 100 homes suffered severe structural damage and will have to be demolished, officials said Tuesday.

Brazil’s weather service said that the storm that began Sunday night delivered within just a few hours all the rain that had been expected for March, traditionally a rather rainy month.

The hilly region of Rio de Janeiro during each austral summer experiences intense rains that in January 2011, for instance, killed about 1,000 people.