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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 24, 2011

Brazilian Police Use Excessive Force Against Marijuana Marchers (VIDEO)

Brazilian Police Use Excessive Force Against Marijuana Marchers (VIDEO)

Photo: Police Brutality In Brazil

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Brazilian riot police fired tear gas to break up a protest in support of the legalization of marijuana in Sao Paulo.

A court ruled the Marijuana March in the largest sdouth American city,  was illegal. About 1,000 people still showed up for the rally Saturday in the city’s financial district, caliming the march was for freedom of expression and not pro-marijuana.

“Protesters, journalists covering the event, drivers who happened to be traveling in the opposite direction of the march and people who were simply walking down the street at the time became victims of police violence” reported Ricardo Galhardo to “Último Segundo.

Henrique Carneiro, a history professor at the University of São Paulo who was taking part in the march, was injured after being hit in the head with a percussion stun bomb and had to be hospitalized. “Folha de São Paulo” reports that TV Folha reporter Felix Lima was pepper sprayed in the face and had his equipment damaged by the police, despite wearing his press credentials.


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