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Latino Daily News

Monday April 18, 2011

Brazilian Police Going RoboCop (VIDEO)

Brazilian Police Going RoboCop (VIDEO)

Photo: Brazil goes Robocop

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Ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, police debuted hi-tech RoboCop glasses that are able to recognize criminals in large crowds.

Fitted onto the glasses there’s a small camera that scans up to 400 faces per second, and cross-checks against a database of 13 million mugshots.

The camera is capable of identifying 46,000 biometric points on a persons face, enabling it to recognize a face from as far away as 12 miles in extreme cases; the camera effectively picks out persons from crowds as far as 165 ft away, a red light will come on when the face recognized matches that of a criminal in the crowd.

‘To the naked eye two people may appear identical but with 46,000 points compared, the data will not be beaten’ Major Leandro Pavani Agostini, of Sao Paulo’s Military Police, said to the Daily Telegraph

Police only need to glance into a crowd for the device to scan faces. When there is a match, the glasses immediately flash information about the suspect, date of birth, previous arrests, and whatever information the officer would need to make an arrest discreetly.

The device is also able to compare a wallet picture, for instance, and help find a person missing in a large crowd.

This technology will also be installed in airports, stadiums and other places where large crowds converge.