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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 1, 2013

Brazilian Officials Launch Fight Against #1 Health Risk-Skin Cancer

Brazilian Officials Launch Fight Against #1 Health Risk-Skin Cancer

Photo: Skin Cancer Campaign in Brazil

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Health authorities and the Brazilian Dermatology Society launched Saturday a nationwide campaign to prevent skin cancer, of which Brazil has some 150,000 cases yearly.

Medical authorities have set up 126 special posts around the country to perform examinations for skin disease, which represents close to 30 percent of all cancer cases diagnosed in the country every year.

“We’re taking massive action not only to prevent but also to raise awareness about this most common type of cancer,” the president of the Brazilian Dermatology Society, Denise Steiner, said, as cited in a communique from that organization, which is partnering with the Health Ministry to organize a National Day for Fighting Skin Cancer.

The goal of the campaign on that day will be to attend some 500,000 people considered to be part of those “at risk” for getting that disease.

These are generally people with a history of cancer in their families and who have fair skin and hair, have spots on their bodies, who suffer from sunburns or have scarring problems, among many other symptoms.

According to a study released this week by the Health Ministry, next year some 576,580 new cases of cancer could be diagnosed in Brazil, compared with the 519,000 estimated for 2012.

The forecasts were made on the basis of data showing the incidence of cancer in the country and indicate that, of the 576,580 new cases estimated for next year, some 182,000 (31.5 percent of the total) will be skin cancer.

According to the latest figures available, there were 184,384 deaths from cancer in 2011, with close to 30 percent of them from skin cancer, which if not treated adequately can spread to other organs in the body.


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