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Latino Daily News

Wednesday April 3, 2013

Brazilian MMA Fighter Anderson Silva Surprises Fan in Hospital (VIDEO)

Brazilian MMA Fighter Anderson Silva Surprises Fan in Hospital (VIDEO)

Photo: Brazilian MMA Fighter Anderson Silva Surprises Fan in Hospital

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MMA fighters are often perceived as big guys looking for a fight, but in reality most of them are nice guys who really appreciate their fans.

Yesterday, Dr. Eduardo Picanço uploaded a touching video of a young boy in the hospital getting a surprise visit from his favorite MMA fighter, Anderson Silva. Silva is currently considered one of the best, if not the best, fighter in the world.

I received a request from a friend and customer, who knew that the famous Anderson Silva was a client of mine, to get an autograph for his son Joao Pedro, 12 years old, to help him in his recovery. I asked what the boy had and she told me: “Dr. Eduardo, Joao Pedro is extremely active and has played sports and wrestled since he was 5 years old (he’s 12 now). Turns out he has a disease of the femur (Epiphysiolysis) and has spent 9 months in a wheelchair, he has undergone two surgeries and doctors don’t know if he will ever walk again and if he does they don’t know how long it will take, and adding that Anderson Silva is his biggest idol.” The video speaks for itself. A feeling gripped everyone and it gives me chills every time I watch it again. This has given a renewal of faith, hope and solidarity, and made ​​a change in the destiny and life of little Joao Pedro and his family. This was my Easter present ... the rest is chocolate egg. In Anderson’s own words: “it is better to die for something than live for nothing.” And to think that each of us can do something to help someone. Have a good Easter everyone!

Watch the video below. (Warning: Get tissues!)