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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 10, 2011

Brazilian Elevator Drops 262 Feet Killing 9 Onboard

Brazilian Elevator Drops 262 Feet Killing 9 Onboard

Photo: Salvador Bahia, Brazil

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An elevator accident in Salvador, Bahia Brazil has left nine people dead early Tuesday morning.

The accident happened at the construction site of a 32-story building in the Iguatemi area of the city.  Nine construction employees were riding the elevator up to the 20th floor of the building when it didn’t stop and hit a cable on the top floor. 

The impact caused the elevator cage to become unhinged from the suspension cable and freefall down 262.4 feet to the ground, killing all aboard.  The Segura Construction company vows the elevator was working properly before the accident.

Local authorities that are investigating believe the elevator was either overloaded or suffered a mechanical failure before falling.  All work on the high rise has been stopped indefinitely.