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Latino Daily News

Saturday August 25, 2012

Brazilian Condom Manufacturer Recalls 620,000 Condoms

Brazilian Condom Manufacturer Recalls 620,000 Condoms

Photo: Olla condoms

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The Brazilian condom manufacturer Olla is recalling 620,000 condoms from the market because of a possible defect in quality control that could compromise their security.

“The recall is a preventive measure since a possible lapse in quality has been identified that could make the product unfit for use,” Olla, one of the biggest condom manufacturers in the country, said in a communique.

The manufacturer said that the items with possible defects belong to five different lots of lubricated condoms that were distributed in promotional packs of eight for the price of six.

“Should any product from these lots be located, Olla tells consumers not to use it, to keep it in its packaging and contact our customer service in order to return it and receive a product replacement at no cost,” the communique said.

Olla acknowledged having become aware of the problem after an increase in the number of customer complaints.

Recalls, a requirement of Brazilian authorities in cases of manufacturing problems that is increasingly common for automobiles, is unprecedented for condoms.