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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 2, 2011

Brazilian Clown Tiririca in His First Day as Congressman

Brazilian Clown Tiririca in His First Day as Congressman

Photo: Tiririca and his wife, Nana Magalhães

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Francisco Oliveira Silva, better known in Brazil as “Tiririca the clown” has been sworn into congressional office, where he received a very warm welcome.

Oliveira, who got more than 1.3 million votes in last October’s congressional elections, far more than any other candidate, was cleared to assume his new job after a court ruled he met the literacy requirement for public office.

Tiririca, which means “Grumpy” in Portuguese was applauded as he took his seat alongside other new members of congress in Brasilia among which were a handful of other celebrities, such as ex-futballers Bebeto and Romario.

The TV performer said he was not surprised by the warm welcome he received in Congress.

“Given my artistic background, I was expecting it,” he was quoted as saying by Brazilian media.

Hopefully sooner than later he will be able to figure out what exactly a congressman does and pass on the message to his voters, since a jingle on his campaign said “Do you know exactly what a congressman does? neither do I. Vote for me to congress and I will tell you”