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Latino Daily News

Wednesday December 26, 2012

Brazilian Burger Chain Selling Edible Wrappers (VIDEO)

Brazilian Burger Chain Selling Edible Wrappers (VIDEO)

Photo: Brazilian Burger Chain Selling Edible Wrappers (VIDEO)

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It’s happened to most, you’re eating a burger and without noticing you bite/rip off a piece of the burger’s wrapper. Well it seems a Brazilian burger chain has a plan to have you worrying less about eating the paper.

Earlier this year, scientists at Harvard announced they had developed “novel edible forms” they called WikiCells to not only be safe to eat, but also take on the flavor of whatever they contained—or in the case, wrapped.

Putting that technology to work on a large scale, Brazilian burger chain Bob’s Burgers is now advertising their use of edible wrappers for those that just can’t wait to open their burgers.

These edible wrappers are more than a novelty, however. WikiCells wrappers would help lower the amount of waste. It is estimated that in 2010 alone, U.S. consumers threw away more than 75 million tons of packaging waste.

Check out the video below.