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Latino Daily News

Saturday October 16, 2010

Brazilian Church Urging a No-Vote for Pres. Candidate Dilma Rousseff due to her Position on Abortion

The Brazilian Bishops’ Conference has advised the faithful of Brazil not to vote for Presidential candidate Dilma Rousseff in the upcoming elections because of her favorable stance on abortion.  In 2007 Rouseff called for the legalization of abortion.  Conservative Archbishop Aldo Pagotto of paraiba went as far as accusing Rousself of “deceiving voters” into believing she does not favor legalization so she can win the election.  Abortion is currently illegal in Brazil except in cases of rape or when the mother’s life is at risk. 

Whereas other Brazilian bishops have condemned the action saying its not the role of the church to suggest any candidate and supports citizen’s free choice to elect whom ever they want.

Current President Lula da Silva was so upset at the overreach of the Bishop’s Conference that he threatened to revise the current agreements the government has with the Catholic Church as they relate to operating Catholic schools in the country.  Brazil is the world’s largest Catholic nation


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