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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 20, 2014

Brazilian App Gives Users Access to 200 Media Sources

Brazilian App Gives Users Access to 200 Media Sources

Photo: Nuvem do Jornaleiro

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Nuvem do Jornaleiro, a new multiplatform application rolled out in Brazil, allows smartphone, tablet and other users to access the content from more than 200 media outlets, including Agencia Efe, without downloading entire archives to devices.

The app is a joint venture of Grupo Gol, a producer and distributor of multimedia educational and entertainment content, and Vivo, the Brazilian wireless unit of Spain’s Telefonica, whose customers will have exclusive access to the cutting-edge product.

“We are offering a tool capable of transferring news to the new digital platforms via the cloud. The application can be downloaded using devices with the iOS operating system, Android or directly from the Web,” Grupo Gol CEO Jonas Suassuna told Efe.

Vivo’s 70 million customers can subscribe to the platform for 3.49 reais (about $1.50) weekly, getting access to the content of the magazines and newspapers participating in the venture.

Suassuna told Efe that Nuvem do Jornaleiro provided a new channel for distributing content for an international news agency.

“Efe is present in about 120 countries and sells news to media outlets. Consumers read the news in the newspapers. Now, for the same price they would pay weekly, anyone can pick one of those 120 countries and access the news that Efe produces daily on that country via the political, economy, culture or sports sections,” Suassuna said.

Media outlets will continue producing content and the only thing that changes is the way it is distributed, the businessman said.

The media outlets participating in the venture will get a set payment for being on the platform and additional revenue based on the number of stories accessed by subscribers.

“This is a tool with which everyone wins, mainly the consumer. The most-read media outlet gets the most resources,” Suassuna said.


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