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Latino Daily News

Tuesday September 27, 2011

Brazilian Abuelita Put in Morgue While Still Alive!

Brazilian Abuelita Put in Morgue While Still Alive!

Photo: Brazilian Abuelita Put in Morgue

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A woman in her sixties was declared dead, put in a plastic bag and left for two hours in a Rio de Janeiro morgue by mistake.

According to hospital officials, an unnamed doctor pronounced Mrs. Rosa Celestrino de Assis dead after he and a nurse failed to find any vital signs.

Mrs. Celestrino spent two hours inside a plastic bag in the hospital’s morgue, before Rosangela Celestrino, her daughter, was allowed to “say goodbye,” and noticed while kissing her mom, that she was still breathing.

The patient was immediately put on assisted breathing and sent to the intensive care unit.

The attending doctor and the nurse who pronounced Mrs. Celestrino dead, no longer work for the hospital; if an investigation of the episode finds them guilty of negligence, they will be accused of injury and even murder, if the patient eventually dies.