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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 30, 2011

Brazil Votes Against Iran at The UN For the First time in a Decade

Brazil Votes Against Iran at The UN For the First time in a Decade

Photo: Brazil Seeks Investigations on Iran

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Not once during his eight years as President did Luis Inácio Lula agree to condemn or impose sanctions on Teheran, citing those were not “effective instruments” to solve the problems of Iran.

President Dilma Rouseff has redefined the foreign policy of Brazil toward Iran; the nation’s representative at the Human Rights council of the United Nations was instructed to manifest full support to an initiative proposed by the US government, of sending a special delegation to Iran to investigate alleged violations to universal human rights under the government of Mahmud Ahmadineyad.

Rousseff has cited as one of her main objectives as president of Brazil, to make of her government an emblem, a poster example of defense of human rights, for which she considers her government “against all dictatorships in the planet,” a sharp contrast to the government of former president Lula, who never condemned or voiced discontent with Iran’s oppressive policy and sketchy arms and nuclear deals, and who once compared the revolts following the latest Iranian elections, with the mêlées between soccer fans at a stadium.

Political analysts speculate that Rousseff is after something Lula wasn’t able to conquer: a permanent seat at the United Nations’ Security Council. “It is unthinkable,” Rouseff said, “to restructure [the Council] not keeping Brazil in mind.”