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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 22, 2012

Brazil to Host UN World Environment Day in June

Brazil to Host UN World Environment Day in June

Photo: World Environment Day in Brazil

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Brazil will be the host of World Environment Day (WED) in June, which aims to emphasize how individual actions can have an exponential impact on the planet and help reduce pollution, the United Nations announced today.

According to the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP), in recent years Brazil has taken significant steps to tackle issues such as deforestation in the Amazon which has led to one of the biggest greenhouse gas emissions in the world, and it is also at the forefront of building an economy that includes recycling and renewable energy and the generation of green jobs, making it a fitting host for WED.

WED celebrations in Brazil will be part of thousands of events taking place around the world. Activities will range from marathons, to community clean-ups, car-free days, green blogging competitions, exhibits, green petitions, and nationwide green campaigns, among others.

This year’s theme is as an invitation for individuals to assess where the green economy fits in their daily lives and to evaluate how it can deliver economic and environmental outcomes for a sustainable future in a planet of seven billion people.

Brazil had previously hosted WED in 1992, on the eve of the first Earth Summit, when world leaders, government officials and international organizations met to refocus, recalibrate and deliver a route map towards sustainable development.

As part of the preparatory activities for WED, UNEP announced that the car manufacturer KIA Motors, which is based on the Republic of Korea (ROK) will donate fuel-efficient cars for a global competition to mark the day.