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Latino Daily News

Friday December 20, 2013

Brazil to Establish Registry of Homeless Population

Brazil to Establish Registry of Homeless Population

Photo: Homeless

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President Dilma Rousseff announced here Thursday the creation of a registry of Brazil’s homeless people with the aim of being able to develop “more appropriate” public policies for this segment of the population.

“It’s an unprecedented initiative and it’s a demand of yours. We know that, the better we get to know that population, who it is and how it is, it will be possible to develop more appropriate policies,” she said.

Rousseff said that the list will be compiled by the state Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute, although she did not specify any dates for launching the effort.

The registry will be a study, and not a census, and it is still in the analysis phase, a government spokesman said.

During the meeting in Sao Paulo, the National Street People Movement noted that there had been 308 deaths of homeless people in Brazil so far this year.

“We’ve lived forgotten for decades and today we still see the anti-begging campaigns in the cities. It’s the culture of hate for the poor,” said the movement’s national coordinator, Samuel Rodrigues.


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