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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 20, 2011

Brazil Thinking About Exchanging Guns for World Cup Tickets

Brazil Thinking About Exchanging Guns for World Cup Tickets

Photo: Guns for Tickets at Brazil's World Cup.

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Brazilian legislators are studying the possibility of offering discounts, tickets, official soccer balls and other merchandise to fans that turn in their fire arms to authorities.

Brazilian Democratic Party Deputy Renan Filho leads a group of Brazilian legislators who have proposed this program that helps disarm Brazil and make it more safe country. 

The initiative, currently under debate at the Brazilian Parliament will have to be approved by the nation’s deputies and senators and President Dilma Rouseff, before being pitched to Brazilian FIFA authorities who are in charge of organizing the 2014 World Cup. 

FIFA might present the biggest challenge to the initiative, as exemplified by FIFA secretary general Jérôme Valcke’s ironic comment about the Ticket-for-Gun idea, “I’m afraid that in Brazil there are so many fire arms that we won’t have enough free tickets.”