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Latino Daily News

Friday December 27, 2013

Brazil Rescues Spanish Tourists Lost in National Park

Brazil Rescues Spanish Tourists Lost in National Park

Photo: Tijuca Nature Park

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Brazilian firefighters on Thursday rescued two Spanish tourists who had gotten lost in the Tijuca Nature Park, an environmental preserve in the middle of Rio de Janeiro, authorities said.

Cristian T. G. Fernandez, 35, and Alejo S. Sansigre, 33, “are not injured,” Rio fire department Sgt. J. Oliveira told Efe.

Though they are “apparently well,” the tourists, who went missing inside the world’s largest urban forest on Wednesday, were transported to the Lorenzo Jorge Hospital, firefighters said.

The Tijuca Nature Park, which surrounds Corcovado Hill, has natural waterfalls and other attractions that are accessed by pathways designed for tourists, but people who stray from those paths are constantly getting lost there.


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