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Latino Daily News

Monday October 4, 2010

Brazil Presidential Elections give Rousseff Lead but Head to Round 2

Although Dilma Rousseff came out on top in Sunday’s presidential election in Brazil, she did not gain the necessary 50% plus one vote, so a runoff will be run the end of October.

With 98% of the votes tallied, Dilma Rousseff won 47%; Jose Serra won 33% with a surprisingly strong performance by the Green Party candidate Marina Silva.

“We can confirm there will be a second round in the presidential elections,” Ricardo Lewandowski, the president of the High Electoral Tribunal, told reporters in Brasilia. There will be an October 21 knockout round where Dilma Rousseff will face off against Serra.

President Lula da Silva will be stepping down January 1, 2011. He has served for two terms (eight years) and is not allowed to run again.